Exterior Building Surveys

Our experts have performed hundreds of building envelope surveys and thousands of leak investigations for property owners throughout the Pacific Northwest. Through the years we’ve found a variety of hidden issues that could have turned into costly repairs or even significant failure.
This observation led to a service for property owners that includes one-time or annual building envelope condition surveys. Our experience is that hands-on examinations of the exterior building systems providing early detection of existing deficiencies and maintenance requirements, but can also aid in assessing the future maintenance needs of the building.
A typical building envelope condition survey may include the following:
  • Coordination and notification of access to owners/tenants
  • Multiple versions of vertical access including swing stage scaffolding and rope access
  • Inspection of exterior cladding system(s)
  • Inspection of existing sealants
  • Inspection of decks and deck interfaces
  • Inspection of windows and doors (visual and/or water testing)
  • Inspection of various penetrations and appurtenances through the building envelope
  • Visual inspection of roof components, membranes, and flashings
  • Inspection of concrete portions of the structure including garage areas
  • Provide digital photo documentation of the existing conditions and findings
  • Provide written report documenting the survey findings and recommendations
  • Upon request provide separate proposal to perform agreed upon repairs
Our exterior building survey service was created to thoroughly check and accurately document your building’s condition, all from a perspective not attained by a typical ground level maintenance inspection.   Existing maintenance deficiencies can progress into full building envelope failures if not identified and repaired. Don’t let this happen to you.

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