We provide comprehensive hazardous material safety consulting services in the area. Be it the construction of a building or the demolition of the same, the workers and the owner deal with a lot of hazardous materials during the process. Some of them may be asbestos, paint, wire, PVC, chemicals, etc. They can pose a grave threat to both the environment and public health. 

Our experts provide comprehensive guidelines to handle hazardous materials that are following government norms. Regular monitoring of harmful materials can be done with the help of our experts. Detection and sorting of such kinds of material are also included in the service.


Animals or pets may prove to be a damaging factor for your house. Outside animals can also cause damage to your property’s fence and even your living space. It is unnecessary to say, that this will eventually cost you some more money. Thus, it is always wiser to plan for animal-proofing while the renovation process is underway. Chimney capping is a critical component of animal proofing because your home’s chimney can provide a safe passage for animals into your home.

Animal-proofing your kitchen exhaust fans are also necessary to protect your kitchen from any outside animal invasion. Your deck must be well-fenced so that no outside animal can invade your living space or harm your children. When planning animal-proofing, anti-bird fencing for the balcony is also taken into account.

Also, your pets become vulnerable to many diseases if your house is not animal-proof. They can move anywhere in your house. As a result, animal-proofing your home’s interior is critical. Our comprehensive animal-proofing service includes pest control services.


Spray foams, also known as spray polyurethane foam, are commonly used to improve your home’s indoor environment. This makes your life easier and more comfortable. It is also an essential component in the servicing of your house’s insulation. It acts as outside noise cancellation. 

Spray foams also protect from outside dust particles as they maximise pollution reduction. Spray foams are also used to control insects. Thus, spray foam servicing can prove to be a very cost-effective yet very useful component of your interior renovation.


Our infrared moisture detection service is becoming increasingly popular in the area. We use infrared thermographic technology to detect moisture in your house. A non-contact infrared camera is used to detect moisture concentrations inside and behind the interior walls. 

This further helps in renovating your interior walls. Moisture detection on the floor of your room becomes important as moisture can dampen the floor, which makes your living uncomfortable. Also, moisture can harm the insulation of your house. As a result, cutting-edge infrared thermographic technology provides us with a comprehensive picture of moisture concentration in your home. After the detection process, those parts of your house can be easily renovated according to your needs.

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