Since its launch, Full Send has performed many small works projects for new clients and strengthened existing and former client relationships. An added benefit? Our Small Works division has the support of a large repair contractor behind them, to provide skilled tradesmen, management support, and fill any role as needed.

Our Maintenance services include:
  • Leak investigation services to identify sources of water intrusion
  • Leak repairs
  • Sealant repairs
  • Siding and cladding repairs
  • Deck coatings maintenance and replacement
  • Aboveand below grade waterproofing
  • Individual window and door replacements
  • Epoxy injection and urethane injection work for leaking foundation walls
  • Repainting (both commercial and residential)
  • Exterior power washing and cleaning
  • Planter waterproofing and membrane repairs
  • Flashing and general metal repairs
  • Handrail installations and retrofitting
  • General building condition surveys
  • Interior repairs related to water intrusion damage
  • Framing damage and dry-rot repairs (carpentry)
  • Stucco / EIFS / siding replacement

When faced with small projects owners often try the DIY method or use a handyman. Our maintenance division can take care of these needs. Full Send has cross-trained manpower to address repair needs of most any size. Due to code requirements some services may require an architect and/or structural engineer.


A bad seal impacts your house’s insulation badly. If you have a lot of air leakage in your house, you may not get the full benefit of your home insulation. If outside air frequently enters your room and the inside conditioned air moves out rapidly, you may not feel comfortable inside your room. 

Thus, sealing a house is equally important as proper ventilation. During the winter and rainy seasons, those small leakages may also contribute to moisture concentration in your house. As a result, you live in a damp house throughout the season. Re-sealing your house while the renovation process is underway is an important thing to look after. 

It will improve the air quality in your rooms as well as your level of comfort. Caulk is one of the various materials that are used in the sealing process. It is a kind of sealing material that is very flexible. Caulking is done on the stationary components of your house, like the walls. 

In the case of doors and windows, caulking may not be an effective tool. It is always advisable to re-seal and caulk your house in dry weather because low humidity is required during the process.

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