Leak Investigation Services

Full send has performed thousands of leak investigations for property owners.  We have a highly-experienced team skilled at locating, analyzing, and proposing the best solutions to stop the leaks at their source.
Our understanding of air, water, and pressure changes enable us to isolate and identify leaks before implementing repairs, so we identify and address the root cause of the problem. Since our inception we strive to positively identify the source of water intrusion issues before recommending a corrective repair. Our internal motto is “if we are not testing – we’re guessing”.
Leak investigations are performed on a variety of buildings new or old, including the following:
  • Multi-family properties including condominiums and apartments
  • Commercial andretail spaces
  • High-rise buildings (residential and commercial)
  • Institutional buildings such as schools, hospitals, courthouses, detention centers, etc.
  • Single family residences
  • Parking garages
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Public works building

If you have a new leak or a seasonal leak that reoccurs each fall or after a rain event, take action and give us a call

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